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    Flex 3 Builder/Browser flakiness.

      i have an cairngorm app that has some weirdity from time to time. my project has a server base type of ASP.NET and i push my output to a path under the wwwroot. i also have a website configured. this is local on my dev machine(XP, IIS 5.1).

      when running the app from the flex env or from a link in an external browser(ie or ff) it hangs and doesn't load all the way; however, if i run the main.html wrapper to the swf in the output directory, it runs fine.

      god forbid i clean the app. after that the dev env gets a weird interal error that says "right click for more info" which is worthless. then i have to jump through a ton of hoops to correct that.

      has anyone seen this type of behavior before? i haven't tested it with local output and a non server type specified.

      thanks folks...

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          meshgraphics Level 2
          Does the Project Run button output to a http address?
          Does the local web server have a name in hosts file?
          Does the source code in the main.html have file references based on the http url?
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            ForestDemon Level 1
            when any file in the project is saved, it builds and outputs to the info below. when i run it, it points to the root url posted below.

            as far as the HOSTS file, it has the normal localhost loopback. which is fine in this case.

            the source code in the main.html is generated from the HTML Wrapper section in the Flex Compiler settings under the project settings.

            i think this is a local IIS issue.

            under the flex project settings i have:

            Flex Server -> Root Folder: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\<directory>
            Flex Server -> Root URL: http://localhost/<app> -> which point to root folder under IIS

            Felx Build Path -> Output Folder -> C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\<directory>

            if i run the app from within Flex(Project Run Button) or from a local http link, it hangs; however, if i launch the main.html file directly from the file system, it launches in the browser and works fine.

            the thing is, it use to work fine and when i added something like a background gradient for the app it broke. i know that sounds silly, but it is what it is. so now, i have to launch it from a shortcut to the main.html file.

            with all of that said, that points to IIS, yes?

            thanks for your input...i appreciate it.


            UPDATE - if i reboot it works again. i'm pretty sure it's something in IIS. stopping and restarting the web services doesn't help either. only a reboot. weird.