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      I used Camtasia Studio 5 to capture myself working on something in photoshop. When you're done with the screen capture it saves the video file as one of it's own. A .camrec. Then I used the program to convert my files into avi's using it's TechSmith codec because it was producing smoother video clips and at much smaller file sizes. When capturing I had the option of saving the files straight to .avi or to save as a .camrec and then convert to .avi. Some of the files I captured in the beginning I saved straight to .avi and I believe these are the ones that are working. I'm pretty scattered and unorganized now and just trying to get this done. But, I've imported a couple files that have been converted and they are working just fine in Premiere and they look beautiful. However, I'm at this point and for some reason every file that I import now that has been encoded is cut down and at seemingly random amounts. For instance I import a 17 minute clip and it shows up in premiere as being 47 seconds long. Or a 23 minute clip and then it shows up as 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

      I'm baffled and pissed off. The other codec options available in the Camtasia converter are:

      Microsoft Video 1
      Intel IYUV
      Cinepak codec by Radius
      CamStudio lossless codec 1.4
      Full frames (uncompressed)

      Please keep in mind that when I use the avi video codec it makes my 30 minute clips 20 GBs. WTF.
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          Ok, so let's continue your questions that you started over here:


          (We'll just take that as evidence of your self-claimed disorganization!)

          Use Gspot to look at a "good" and "problem" avi. What codec and framerate do they show?