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    Help!  Viewing preview moves at 1 frame / 3 seconds.

      Hey all,

      So I've started a new project, imported a single .avi file leaving all settings as default. The .avi file is fine (I can view it in windows media player with video/audio correct), however when I try to play it (press spacebar), I can hear the audio perfectly but the video moves at about 1 frame per 3 seconds. It appears to be some kind of an importing problem (since even scrubbing along the track gives the same anomaly). Here's the properties of the .avi file from premiere, if it helps at all:

      File Path: E:\External Drive (500 GB)\MVI_3897 driving on highway.AVI
      Type: AVI Movie
      File Size: 634.7 MB
      Image Size: 640 x 480
      Pixel Depth: 0
      Frame Rate: 30.00
      Source Audio Format: 11024 Hz - 8 bit - Mono
      Project Audio Format: 11025 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Mono
      Total Duration: 00:07:12:17
      Average Data Rate: 1.5 MB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0