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    framerate discrepancies input vs output - HELP!


      I'm having trouble with certain clips due to their framerate. I would need to export in 25fps as a rule. Now certain clips I download and edit (usually .flv files) would come with various framerates such as 29.97fps or 23fps or even 15 or 13fps besides clips at 25fps (which I like :). Once I import any clips with the former framerates into my premiere project the visual and audio sequences are completely out of sinc and I cannot find a way of fixing that....so that is where I need some advice. 1 not great solution I am using is to change the clip from a .flv to a .mov which brings the framerate up to 24fps but this then takes at least 5 times as long to render and export (even though the size of the file would remain more or less the same).

      Anyway thanks for reading and I hope I have explained myself well enough.

      Please reply if you know the solution as it is killing me with all the waste of time.

      Thanks again

      Mark Sansone