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    Dead motherboard on old system, want to go to CS4

      I have a system that is about 4.5 years old that is running Premiere 1.51 using the Matrox rtx100 card on a P-4 machine. Recently my motherboard died on me, I believe it's an Asus p4p800E with a 478 socket. I have two 500gb drives set up as a striped array on which I have many legacy projects and raw data stored. I also have two more single 350gb drives as layoff drives with mpeg4 files for DVD, .avi files, etc.

      I've been planning to migrate up to a new system with CS4 but now find myself in a bit of a quandry. My next system will not be Matrox based and I'm not sure what to do. My questions are:

      A) If I simply pull out the old drives and pop them into a new machine (quad core or i7, for example) and 64bit Vista and CS4, do I have any hope of seeing those files properly?
      B) Is the Matrox rtx flavor of .avi any different from a standard .avi that would prevent those files from being played in a non-Matrox system?
      C) Would I be able to see and open my existing Premiere projects, knowing, of course, that all Matrox effects would be lost?
      D) Or, should I just try to dig around and find a replacement motherboard to keep my old system running as needed, and then build an entirely new system? (I have a feeling this is probably the smartest thing to do -- assuming I can find that motherboard somewhere.)

      Your thoughts and wisdom are welcome.
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          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3
          You can install the VFW codec on a machine that does not have the Matrox RT.X100 card and software installed and you will be able to edit and use the AVI's as you please on any Windows based system, and probably even a Mac with Bootcamp installed.

          Our company had 3 Matrox based systems with Northwood 3.2 processors. One had a small form factor Asus P4P800-VM motherboard, and the other two had Asus P4C800 Deluxe and E-Deluxe motherboards that are still good and sitting on the shelf.

          Just as an experiment, I took the "C" system drive (with everything including operating system intact) out of the P4P-800VM system whose motherboard died and put in in a new budget system I build from parts on sale at Fry's.

          This new budget system had a new E2200 Intel processor on a cheapo ECS motherboard. I think the motherboard combo was on sale for $75

          This new computer booted right up into Windows XP from the old Asus P4P800-VM system drive, even with the wrong chipset drivers! The system installed new drivers, and I used the CD that came with the ECS motherboard to install all of the correct drivers. In Device Manager, I used the "show nonpresent devices" routine to get rid of obsolete drivers and other garbage.

          Strange thing, this computer is perfectly stable and has been running for nearly a year.

          I did a speed comparison with an old legacy Northwood 3.2 P4C800-E Deluxe system and the new budget low end system is nearly 3 times faster at exporting and rendering video!

          BTW, The VFW codec may still be available for download on the Matrox website. If not I may have a copy you can download.
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            don solomon Level 1
            The drives may or may not boot if you install the same operating system. Last time I tried that going from XP SP2 to Vita Ultimate 64, it did not work.

            You should, of course, be able to see your non system files on a VV64 machine.

            As for the projects--I have my doubts, but have never made the exact move you are contemplating.

            If it were me, and I had ongoing work to finish, I'd find a P4 board, used preferably,and finish up while you are building a new machine. Good luck.