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    Custom Pixel Aspect Ratios

      I am trying to create a custom pixel aspect ratio using the Interpretation Rules.txt file. Whenever I try this and save me new custom PAR it never shows up when I try to convert my footage to that PAR. This is what it looks like:

      # only adds a custom pixel aspect ratio to the UI
      # uncomment the next line to try it out
      *, *, *, *, * = 1364/1000/"HDV to DV AR", *, *, *


      Am I doing something wrong, I am confused why I don't get an option from the drop down box inside the interpret footage window that reads, "HDV to DV AR" (1.364)
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I can't help with the problem, but I am curious why you're attempting it.
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            It is the best method of getting my HDV video to appear the same size as my DV video in a widescreen DV timeline. I can do thinks like zooming in or changing the timeline aspect ratio to 1.333 but even then I have to change the PAR on both video for it to match and it changes the HDV a good amount. If i could just get this method to work it would be so easy. I don't understand why it is so hard to just make a custom pixel aspect ratio. It should be an easy thing to do.
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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Changing to an unusual PAR will probably give you an error when trying to export.
              When you have finished editing your footage you can nest your timeline in a new timeline and scale it up to 103% after setting scale to framesize. Or scale it down t0 55% with no scale to framesize on.
              You can also edit in hdv mode and crop off 14 pixel of top and bottom in the export settings when delivering to dvd-mpeg.
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                Regardless of why I am doing it, the function does not work. This should be brought to the attention of Adobe. It should create a new aspect ratio and it does not. It says it will generate a new one in the UI but it does not appear. Maybe I am doing it wrong, or maybe Adobes software is just lying to me.