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    How do you know the bit rate of a video clip?

      I have video clips from my video camera recorded in MPEG 2, PAL standard definition 720x576. 2 questions:
      1. How can I find out what bit rate the video is recorded at?
      2. Knowing this, can I in PProCS4 encode this for DVD without any transcoding (assuming, of course, no effects or fades etc have been added)?
      I like to keep the coding the same, to avoid the quality loss of transcoding to a different bit rate.
      I use 256 kb/s audio in MPEG 1 layer 2 (pretty much standard DVD format).
      Any info appreciated.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          1. The camera manual
          2. No if you make any adjustments at all, in cuts, duration, effects, transitions, titles, etc. Why not simply burn to a DVDR recorder? Why use PP at all? MPEG audio is not a standard audio format. Only PCM and AC3 are standard. MPEG is optional and therefore can not be played on all players.
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            (Arnstein_Johansen) Level 1
            In Ulead Mediastudio Pro, you can see the data rate of the video, and also in DVD Movie Factory select "do not convert..." etc, where un-edited clips are not transcoded, to give maximum picture quality. I dropped MSP, as Corel (having taken over Ulead) has, sadly' dropped the product, so I bought PProCS4 hoping it would be at least as capable. Alas. Having said that, in most respects PPro is as good or better than MSP, and runs fine on Vista and Win7 beta (which I am using now), so I am still happy I get PPro.