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    Sony HDR-HC9 "capture device offline" when in HDV mode

      Hello All,

      I have a Sony Handycam HDR-HC9. When I have this camera connected via FireWire (1394) to my computer, I can launch Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. For as long as I set the capture mode to DV in Premiere Pro CS4, everything seems well. That is, when I go to the Capture window by either File -> Capture or hitting F5, the window (or Desktop, as Adobe likes to put it) displays what is on the tape, as it should. However, the second I change from DV mode to HDV mode in Premiere, the camera throws a Capture Device Offline message. No matter which way I switch to HDV mode, either by going to Project -> Project Settings -> General, or by clicking the Settings tab in the capture window, clicking Edit under capture settings, and changing from DV to HDV that way, the moment I change formats, the Capture Device Offline message is displayed. I have everything set to the best that I can set it in Device Control (Settings tab of the capture window): Device is set to DV/HDV Device Control, Video Standard is NTSC, Device Brand is Sony, Device Type is Standard (since the HDR-HC9 is not listed in the listing of models). Capture Device Offline status does not change regardless of Timecode format (auto detect, drop-frame, or non drop-frame). The funny thing here is that the status in this window says the device is online, but in the larger capture window, it says the device is offline. I am assuming that since the camera works in DV mode, there is something on the camera that needs to be changed to get it to work in HDV mode. Am I correct in this assumption? Is there anything that can be done to correct this or get it going? I work in a computer lab at a local community college, and our students need for these cameras to work.

      Thank you, in advance, for your time and assistance regarding this matter. I truly appreciate all of your efforts.

      Have a pleasant day!