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    Premiere CS4 Media Encoder AVIs and Encore Encoding Errors

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3
      For some reason, I'm having trouble creating DVD's in Encore from AVI's exported from Premiere CS4. When encoding starts, Encore immediately pops up with an "encoding error". I now, all of a sudden get this identical error on two of our systems.

      Most of the time Encore works if I export an "MP2" file from the Premiere CS4 timeline.

      Any of you guys having trouble with Encore CS4? To me it has been a lot more buggy and unreliable than any previous version. The program also seems sluggish on our Q6600 4gGB RAM computers! Kind of like the program is straining just to open its windows.

      Another thing that is annoying. Earlier in the day, I exported a Flash Web video for a client's review. A few hours later I had to make a 1 hour and 46 minute DVD with chapters for a client that had to be Fed Ex'd overnight. It took forever to complete and I soon realized that Encore defaulted back to the last export...FLASH! cr@p. I would prefer that the program defaulted to standard DVD creation. After all it is Encore DVD.