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    dropped Frames

      I am having a dropped frame error while capturing from a dv camcorder into CS4. I don't seem to have a problem when using Windows Movie Maker which leads me to think there is a settings or compatibility problem with Premiere CS4. I'm using XP Professional on an HP with 2-3G xeon core processors.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Not likely, the most likely is a dropped frame on the tape, but try capturing with Scenalyzer. I expect it to show the same dropped frame.
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            Harm, I took your advice and downloaded Scenalyzer and captured about a minute with no dropped frames.
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              I also imported the clip into Premiere and it stutters when playing back. I found a whole list of things to do on the Knowledge base about this problem but haven't got past the first few yet. Anyone that has experienced this problem may be able to speed the process up.
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                First, does your Project Preset match your footage? That would be the first setting I'd look at.

                Let us know how the various Knowledgebase "fixes" pan out.

                I've never experienced any dropped-frames from miniDV tape, but that does not help you in the least. If Scenalyzer gets you 100%, then you are probably correct, that a setting is off someplace. One workaround, would be to use Scenalyzer, though you *should* be able to get PP to capture well too.

                If you use WMM, be aware that it Exports to DV-AVI Type I (unless Vista's version has changed that). These
                i can
                cause sync issues, if not converted to DV-AVI Type II.

                Good luck,