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    Premiere CS4 crashes/freezes upon File>Export>Media click

      My system:

      CS4 master collection. I have some remnants of CS3 on my computer.
      4 Gig RAM
      Quad Core processor

      My problem:

      Problem started yesterday and I've tried a lot of things but can't figure this out. When I click File>Export>Media, premiere greys out most panels and nothing can be clicked. It gives a beep of death on every click. I need to use task manager to close premiere. The only thing I've found I am able to do is click escape, which returns me to my project as if nothing has happened.

      I've tried a range of different projects, including a brand new one with nothing in it except a 10 second DV avi file. Same problem across the board.

      I've reinstalled CS4 Master collection but didn't uninstall it first. No change. Would it help to uninstall everything and start from scratch?

      Never had this problem before.

      It also does the same thing on file>export>clipnotes but I CAN export an EDL.

      The only change to my PC between this not happening and it happening was I installed the new music streaming software 'Spotify'. I have since uninstalled this but it hasn't fixed it.

      If anyone has any ideas, I'd be hugely grateful.