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    Any good CS4 Workflow Training Materials Out There?

    Jeron Coolman Level 1
      Having just gotten CS4, I thought I'd try it out again for my next project. This project would have benefitted greatly from the new "speech recognition" feature of CS4, if the feature actually worked ;)

      At least this project has need of a lot of AE work, so even though the speech recognition was a total failure, the project will still benefit from a CS4 Studio Workflow.

      Which brings me to the synopsis of my topic...

      Are there any good CS4 (or even CS3) training materials out there that are focused on Workflow?

      There are a lot of good training materials, but they all seem to focus on how feature X works or how to use feature Y.

      I'm looking for material (DVDs, books, on-line training, etc.) that focuses more on topics like, "Here is when you'd use a sub-clip" or "Here is when you'd create a story board and how" or "Here are the reasons why you'd use a nested sequence" or "Here are reasons to separate your audio clips from the video clips (if there are any...)"

      The material would focus more on the production of the show or project as opposed to how to use the various features of the various products.

      Maybe the material would discuss activities that are outside the software, like tips for using index cards and a bulletin board to story board or organize thoughts regarding the show you are trying to create.

      I've completed dozens of projects with Adobe's Production Studio and every time I feel like I'm experimenting with new workflow techninques because I just can't nail down a good, productive workflow. Yet I've nailed down good workflows with other NLE-centric software solutions.

      I guess it would be nice to find some material that would "make me a fly on the wall watching other people use Adobe's tools".
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          Andy Urtu Level 1
          Try Jacob Rosenberg "Premiere Pro 2.0 - Studio Techniques"
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            Try Total Training Online http://www.totaltraining.com/landing/cs4.asp
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              Jeron Coolman Level 1
              Thanks Andy. I have that book and it is great. I learned a lot from it since it focuses on PPro 2.0 and that was the first version I ever used. I'm looking for something more current (CS4 preferred) and more "studio workflow" related. It is hard to go wrong with Jacob. He does a good job.

              Wahlen I have a few of those DVDs on that page. I'm currently watching "Total Training for Adobe Creative Suite 4: Design Essentials". Problem is that it doesn't cover Premiere Pro, AE or Soundbooth.

              I'd love it if Total Training had "Total Training for Adobe CS4 Design: Workflow" for the Production suite covering Premiere Pro, AE and Soundbooth ;)

              Note on Workflow...

              I just spent 2 days experimenting with the HDV Capture Step of my workflow. That workflow step hasn't changed since CS3. The best way of capturing HDV tapes is to capture the clips in Vegas and import those into the Premiere Pro CS4 project. Vegas 8.1 is a 64 bit application, which is nice on Vista 64 ;)

              Maybe I'll run the clips through the speech recognition in Avid and see if there is some way to export the data and import it into the Premiere Pro project...