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    Cross Platform License

      So here's a question someone can answer - Calling Adobe directly yielded a "I don't know - click" answer
      I purchased a Production Premium CS4 for Windows. I understand that I can install it on a laptop as well as a desktop (and only use one at a time). I'm thinking of getting a Mac Book Pro as my new laptop (and may eventually get a Mac Desktop) so is it possible to get a (cheaper or free) Mac license so I can run my Desktop on PC and my laptop on Mac?

      In case anyone from Adobe reads this, You may want to tell your CSRs not to just hang-up on your PAYING customers - it's not a good business practice

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          Bob Ramage Level 1
          I think the only way you can do this is to use bootcamp and install a Windows partition on your Mac. I don't believe that Adobe has a cross-platform license for CS4, although they do for Lightroom. Sounds like this would be a good suggestion to enhance the product for those of us who work on both platforms. I have a Mac Pro as my primary workstation (with CS4 Mac installed) and a Windows notebook.