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    GridIron Flow  for windows is out - amazing

    joshtownsend Level 2

      Only just starting getting into it. But WOW amazing program. If you have multiple hardrives, networked work station...basically a ton of media it's amazing. It knows where Every file in your project came from, how much time it....

      Best yet it's totally compatible with all the Adobe programs. I opened an AE project and brought of this great visual map of where all the media was on the harddrive and how it was connected. And there were hundred of pieces of media.

      Best yet, if you erase or move a peice of media it'll tell you which project files that media is used in!!!!!

      I'm still playing with it (came out a day ago for windows). I think it's a beta RC but it looks like they are selling it so maybe it's close to done.

      Basically, if you have huge projects you gotta at least check this out. Amazing......... I mean it can even tell you that your project has 3rd party plug-ins (some not all yet).
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Sounds really interesting. I could certainly have used this tool on a recent Project. I might just spring for it and try it out on that Project, to see how it would have helped me.

          Thanks for the H/U,

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            Thrill Media Level 2
            Hmmmm, I am not sure I "get" it. I guess if you are in a company with a suite of editors working a project I could see the value. If you are like me an independent, it doesn't seem that valuable. I guess I have to know where all of my assets are on any given project so organization has always been key.

            On a side note, I would encourage downloading the demo if you are interested. I did feel a little burned when I purchased NucleoPro2 from them and then realized at the time that unless you had at least 4+Gig Ram, it wasn't really useful. Although they didn't mention this in the marketing materials, they did have a free trial...my bad. Not dissing GridIron, just recommending you do the trial.
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              fuaho Level 1
              Works with Premiere as well???
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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Good point. I'm not much for loading a bunch of trial software, as some is a real pain to remove and cleanup after. Still, at US$249, it's probably best to do the trial, rather than have to cleanup after a $250 purchase error! I usually do the trials on my poor laptop, just to keep the workstation clean, until I know that something works.

                So far, I've been pretty lucky with the purchases, but doing the trial is the best advice here.

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                  William, yes it works with Premiere as well. Here's a list of supported apps and we'll be adding more as we go. I totally agree with Curtis and Bills advice and encourage you to download and try it before you buy it. http://www.gridironsoftware.com/download/

                  GridIron Software

                  Adobe Acrobat 8,9
                  Adobe After Effects CS3,CS4
                  Adobe Dreamweaver CS3,CS4
                  Adobe Fireworks CS3,CS4
                  Adobe Flash CS3,CS4
                  Adobe Illustrator CS3,CS4
                  Adobe InDesign CS3,CS4
                  Adobe Photoshop CS3,CS4
                  Adobe Premiere Pro CS3,CS4
                  Adobe Soundbooth CS3,CS4
                  Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 and later
                  Keynote '08
                  Numbers '08
                  Pages '08
                  Motion '08
                  Microsoft Excel 2007 (win) 2008 (mac) and later
                  Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (win) 2008 (mac) and later
                  Microsoft Word 2007 (win) 2008 (mac) and later
                  Quicktime Player
                  Text Edit