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    Media Pending

      I recently upgraded to CS4 and when I opened up a current project from CS2 the project came up just fine. But what I am experiencing is that my clips are in a "Media Pending" state. I have had the computer chewing on the project and the "Media Pending" for 36 hours and I am not seeing any changes.
      All my clips are pending, I checked the files by opening them up in WMP and they play just fine. I tried choosing a clip and making it offline and thought if I relink it that would help. But I am in the same position of pending.
      Please help with suggestions on how I can relink my footage or to get past this "Media Pending"

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          Douglas R Wagner
          I work with HDV material from a Sony Hi-Def cam (the FX7), and have a related problem, though yours looks more unique than mine.

          For my situation, once a project is up and running, then when anything gets rendered, and thus has a green bar in the timeline, you will get the "media pending" message during playback of that rendered preview. I can see the previews and play them manually with another app, like Windows Media Player.

          So, I know Pre Pro CS4 has computed the rendered transitions, etc. Yet on playback, it doesn't index and use these preview files.

          I cannot find any workaround yet. It's what we call in the software industry a SHOWSTOPPER bug. Earlier versions of Premiere Pro apparently did not have this problem -- this sure looks like a "bug regression".

          Outside of this forum, someone suggested turning on keyframes and setting one. I tried that. Didn't work.

          I am wasting a LOT OF TIME with this headache. I will have to call Adobe and demand they ship me CS3 as a workaround for the time being. One hopes this WILL be fixed with the 4.1 update indicated as being offered most likely in the mid April timeframe.
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            Dag Norum Level 2
            >Earlier versions of Premiere Pro apparently did not have this problem

            >I will have to call Adobe and demand they ship me CS3 as a workaround

            I have seen your "after rendering" problem in CS3 Douglas, only once though in PPro (which a re-start of the PC fixed), but in AE CS3 it has been a more frequent happening (upon import, and it never stops).

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              Douglas R Wagner Level 1
              Hello Dag,

              Interesting. Nevertheless, I get this "media pending" yellow screen notice 100% of the time with HDV projects in PPro CS4 while playing green rendered segments, even starting with the first 2 clips I put on a PPro timeline along with a transition.

              I can't even get around this at all. Restarting the computer doesn't help PPro CS4 at all. Doesn't help for me at least. I have used an earlier trial version of PPro - was CS3 - and there were no problems with this during that testing, and I examined CS3 a fair amount since I was considering buying it back then.

              I guess I should have. People say CS3 got to be quite stable. I'm on the sidelines, not even wanting to start a project until Premiere Pro CS4 gets more stable.

              I mean, look at the boards - it's a staggering list of problems and I'm shocked Adobe released CS4 so soon, and I think there is no doubt that was a management 'feeling scared' decision of trying to pick up revenue before the economy tanked further. At my former software company, we wouldn't have dared to take such a risk to infuriate a huge professional customer base like Premiere Pro has.
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                Dag Norum Level 2
                >I have used an earlier trial version of PPro - was CS3 - and there were no problems with this during that testing, and I examined CS3 a fair amount since I was considering buying it back then.

                Considering that trial versions do NOT support mpeg material (which HDV is), I find your results a bit strange.

                But yes, I agree, according to this forum, CS3 seems to be a bit more stable. But then again, some people do quite fine with CS4, and here it is expected to see mostly problems (just as we saw when CS3 was new). I wonder why the results vary that much, maybe CS4 is more dependent on types of new hardware, but then again again (not a typo), some has gotten good results with old hardware.

                Anyway, I'll just keep on with my CS3, I get my work done so...

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                  You can get around this by going into your sequence settings general tab and changing the editing mode to desktop, then chaning the preview type Mictosoft AVI.

                  I agree this is a bug and I have a case with Adobe about this as I write this, but frankly they're just wasting my time, dodging the issue and showing how they simply don't care about their customers at all once the money was exchanged. CS4 is the buggiest most unstable version of Premier ever.

                  Just out of curiosity, what type of hardware do you use? Is it a PC or a Mac? I cannot recreate this problem on an older PC system, but it is 100% reproducible, at least for me, with Windows XP SP3 on an Intel DP35DP system and Q9450 processor.
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                    Douglas R Wagner Level 1
                    Thanks Joe.

                    I'm using a PC, Pentium 4, single core processor, hyperthreaded. A 500 series Pentium. FSB 800MHz. DDR2 at 566 MHz. I'm using Windows XP, SP3. Your PC looks to be very new -- I don't think hardware has any connection to this bug. Maybe people on Macs don't see this, but for PC's, it will come and go. I haven't tried your settings yet. I've been so frustrated by Premiero Pro CS4 that I've stopped using it.

                    I don't blame Adobe's R&D engineers for this. Management saw an economic slowdown coming, and obviously made the decision to do a fast release and get the revenue in. And hoped they could follow up soon enough with bug fixes to keep from losing too many customers.

                    The reputation they have now gotten for themselves is now so severely damaged, I think they are too late to recover from this debacle. It will take them a good 2 or 3 future releases, maybe by CS6, before they can restore goodwill from their customer base.

                    I didn't post an update, but a couple days ago, I found the problem would go away sometimes. Restarting the computer, then relaunching PrPro CS4 would sometimes get me to where the yellow "media pending" problem on rendered segments would not occur.
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                      Hiya Fellas! Hope you dont mind my butting in, I experience the "Media Pending" issue in PPro CS3 sporting most uptodate patch. I work with Sony EX1 camera and use ClipBrowser to import footage and convert to .mxf or simply copy BPAV folder and import .mp4. As described, my experience is similar to yours and PPro does render preview but wont display it in timeline however sound is still present and the rendered files can be found in the preview files folder, I have found that by toggle the "Enable/Disable preview" button the footage appears online again however unrendered. I realise that this is not a solution by far, just thought I'd mention it.

                      Although I doubt its a hardware issue I'll list my configuration below:

                      -HP xw4600 Workstation
                      -Intel Core2 QUAD Cpu Q6600 @ 2.40Ghz
                      -4GB ram

                      -BlackMagic Intensity

                      -Nvidia GeForce 7950GT

                      Tanks for the word,

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                        AniDyn Level 1



                        That was a great tip! Thanks! It fixed my problem!


                        Here's some more detail for people wanting to try that solution.


                        I wasn't able to just change my Editing Mode and Preview Render Type from the Sequence settings. Instead, I had to create a new sequence, choose one of the HD presets (in my case, one that had 1920x1080 24fps progressive) then change the settings there to Desktop and AVI. Once I created that new sequence and imported my footage into it, it worked great.


                        HOWEVER! You DON'T have to use AVI! I changed it back to the MPEG default, and it still worked fine. Also, it seemed to render faster when clicking through the timeline.