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    Lots of problems when exporting widescreen video

      I've had similar problems to this before, but for now I'll just describe my current situation.

      I shot a bunch of green screen footage in HD using a Canon XH-A1. I captured at 1080p in a 1080p HDV sequence. Everything was shot 16x9 HD using the camera's default HDV settings. I did add matte bars to give the film an artificial 2.35:1 look, though.

      I had no problems with the edit at all, but when I attempt to export the video for both DVD and H264 for YouTube, it all gets crazy.

      The first noticeable problem is that Premiere keeps cropping the sides of my image. If you switch from 'source' to 'output' in the preview pane you can see that portions of the image on the sides are missing. If I use a 1080p preset it looks like nothing is cropped, but for YouTube I need to do 1280x720 w/ square pixels, and for DVD I need to do 720x480 and with either of these options selected, the cropping begins.

      So, my first question is, WTF is up with this cropping???

      Another problem I'm having is that when I finally get the image to fill the entire 16x9 frame (through various tweaks in the many different presets - I'm not entirely sure what all I did), layers are arbitrarily moved around and thereofore placed out of sync with where they should be in my composites. Also, I always nest my final edit's sequence into another sequence so that I can crop the image to match the 2.35:1 bars (if you don't do this there's always a tiny little bit of the image underneath your matte bars that shows through when you project it).


      Here are some visual aides:

      Premiere cropping the sides on WS output:

      Premiere moving placement of layers in composite when outputted:

      Anybody know what's up?