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    Premiere Pro CS4 and BlackMagic Drivers 3.0

    sportsguy7 Level 1
      My first effort with the new Black Magic drvers 3.0 did not work.

      Here is the system information, project settings and the problem:

      XP Pro SP3
      QX9650 3GHZ
      3G Ram
      Nvidia GeForce 8800GT
      Capture via both BM Media Express and PPro Capture (F5)

      Project Settings are BM HD 1080i 59.94
      Motion JPEG

      Sony HDR HC7 Camera set to 1080i

      Whenever I open a BlackMagic preset as above, PPro crashes when I try to import files captured via either Media Express or PPro.

      I get this message every time:

      [..\..\SRCRemoteImporter Module.cpp-25]

      I also have CS3 on the same system and when I open a BM preset with the same settings as with CS4, all is well.

      It must be something with CS4. Any ideas?