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    Audio to Text

      The new audio to text capability of Premiere CS4 is stunning.

      I do not use a lot of video so I cannot justify purchasing Premiere for a single function - that being audio conversion to editable text.

      Does anyone know of a Mac based application that can do this?
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            Harm Millaard Level 7
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            That does not sound like free, but maybe something went lost in the transscription.

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                Rueberm Level 1

                I have not been too impressed with the Audio to Text function.  It is able to recognize common words but it is unable to recognize much else.  I just got the Sprint HTC Hero and my phone does a better job.  I needed to look up contact information for a local AD agency I work for I simply said "edgecore" and it found it without a space and without any training.  I would think you can find something like Dragon Natural Speech online that would work better.  I am not sure how a mac uses the audio mixer but on a PC you can select your speaker out as an input.  So you would have the speech to text program open and your video player at the same time.