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    Error, Premiere Freezes on certain files only. Import .XML file

      So I just imported an XML FCP file onto CS4 Premiere (PC) so I could do some after effects compositing. At first i had trouble since the sequence media was off line i had to link each media. This was because the files were in a Apple formated hard drive, and in many folders.

      I am running the project on PC through premiere (4.01), but i have the external hard drive running off a usb connection.

      I started color correcting first on Premiere, but ran into the problem that it freezes when i try to select certain files, or when i try to apply an effect.

      it reads. "Premiere Pro has encountered an error [../Src/Sequence/TrackItemSelection.cpp-156]"

      i tried searching this online i couldn't find anything.

      I am running XP Professional, Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @2.40GHZ, 4 GB of Ram

      Thanks ahead of time