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    bad quality on blu-ray export from adobe media encoder

    GNG studio
      The quality of export for mpeg2 blu ray from canopus edius 5 is brilliant, without flickering and pretty lookable; instead quality of export, in any mode from adobe media encoder with every setting for blu-ray is poor. It's so simple exporting in Edius and the final result is very good. With the same settings in adobe media encoder the quality is poor with artifacts and visible ghosting. Probably is canopus codec better?
      I work with P2 MXF (dvcpro HD) and Premiere (Cs4) is my favourite software. But i'm not satisfied by the final result. I prefer not change my workflow and pass to edius. Excuse me for my poor english.

      Thanks in advance
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          Did you upgrade to the new version of Adobe Media Encoder?
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            I two am struggling with excessive motion pixelation artifacts??

            Here are my steps.............

            1) Capture using Matrox RTX2 Hardware using Matrox AVI codec
            Type: Matrox AVI
            Image Size: 1440 x 1080
            Pixel Depth: 24
            Frame Rate: 29.97
            Average Data Rate: 3.2 MB / second
            Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.3333
            Codec Type: MPEG-2 IBP
            Bit Depth: 8
            Scan Mode: Interlaced - Upper Field First
            Actual Image Size: 1440 x 1080

            2) Encode Matrox AVI using Adobe Media Encoder CS4 Ver.
            Set for MPEG2 Blu-ray
            High Quality 1440 x 1080i 29.97fps
            MainConcept Mpeg Quality 5 Codec
            VBR 2 Pass
            Min 18
            Target 25
            Max 40
            M Frames 3
            N Frames 12

            Before importing into Encore CS4 you can observe excessive pixelation.

            3)Import into Encore CS4 to post on Blu-ray
            Rename MPEG to MPG so that Blu-ray transcode status and settings says "Do Not Transcode". A trick I learned from Matrox forum.

            I want it to look as close to HDV quality original as possible but have been unsuccessful.

            Does anyone have suggestions to address this?

            Thanks so much!
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              Curt Wrigley Level 4
              The projects I burn to Bluray look gorgeous; as good as native hdv to my eye. The differences in our works flow are as follows:

              I capture with Pr native, edit native, Dl to Encore and burn (allow Encore to choose the best MPG2 encoding method)

              Matrox is one key difference the other is you are manually choosing encoding details. Try taking a small test sectin and DL linking to Encore to let encore encode and burn. If that works, then you know it was your manual selections. If it doesnt work, then it could be a matrox codec/ workflow issue.

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                Editwiz Level 1

                Thanks for your quick reply. I tried a test capturing in Pre Pro CS4 and DL linked to Encore CS4 letting Encore Encode and I see more pixeling using this work flow. I have posted my concerns with Matrox. I will follow-up with this post. I want to use Matrox effects so Pre Pro Native is not a work flow I want to use. I have another Matrox user that is using ProCoder which performs well for him.