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    Encoding advice for Corporate Windows Desktops

      I have a 2.5 minute HD (720p) movie that I need to encode for internal corporate Windows XP desktops. I need some advice on which encoding options I should use.

      Here are my requirements:

      1) I need to use an encoder that comes with a standard installation of Windows XP (SP3 + Microsoft media player). I can't have folks downloading additional codecs to get it to play.

      2) It will only be played back on desktop computers and laptops, still I would like to offer the same resolution (1280 x 720) so that when they run it full screen it looks reasonable.

      3) Video quality doesn't have to be perfect, so some compression is welcomed if that is possible.

      4) Audio is stereo, but the quality does not need to be perfect either.

      With these in mind, can you recommend as CS4 export encoding profile for me?