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    Adobe Media Encoder: CBR bitrate problem!

      I'm having some problem with Adobe Media Encoder. I've edited a HD video (recorded with a Sony HDR-FX1) and created a MPEG2 file using the preset "1440 x 1080i 25 Hiqh Quality". The video file size is 7,25 GB.

      Now I want to put this video on Motionbox and Vimeo. I found on the web some settings that seems to be perfect for Motionbox and Vimeo.

      Here's the link: http://eugenia.gnomefiles.org/images/pcs3-h264.jpg.

      As many of you already know, Motionbox doesn't have any file size limit, while Vimeo has (1 GB). So i thought to reduce the bitrate quality for Vimeo, while using, as written in that JPG, 4 Mbps CBR Bitrate. Here's the problem: I change the bitrate (for example 1,6) and I exit the export settings panel, so that I'm back to the AME start screen. If I initaliaze the queue, under the video settings on the left, the CBR bitrate is back to 3. So it seems like I can't change the bitrate.

      I've used the same settings that are in that JPG so I can't understand what is going wrong. If I select 4 Mbps it goes back to 3 and the same happens if I select 1,6 or 2 for example. How can I fix this problem?

      Thank you so much for your help. Bye!