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    Canon 24F

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      How to capture?

      I downloaded and installed the 24F editing preset but 24F is not showing up as an option. I expected this to *finally* exist as a preset with CS4...
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          joshtownsend Level 2
          Another 24p Adobe mess. This is not gonna stop until Adobe addresses the problem. 24p got screwed so people could drop any type of footage into the timeline. Before they had to take the extra step to 'interpret footage'. Instead we 24p users have to do this.

          Create your own preset then 'interpret footage' in the project window to do the 24p pulldown. Don't worry it'll be fixed in Febuary (i'm being sarcastic).

          Oh and be prepared to hear 'it's just a few more clicks'. In a few weeks every other question here will be about 24p footage not working like it did in previous releases (and Vegas and Avid and Edius and Final Cut...)
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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Where did you install it. The install instructions are for Pro2 and do not match for CS4, they did for CS3 though.
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              You shouldn't need that plugin for CS4. Just create a new project with the HDV 1080 24p project, and you should be fine. That plugin was for PPro 2.

              I've got a project that I did with 24F footage in CS3, and it opened fine in CS4 - clips showed up as 23.976.

              One thing I would advise about is for capturing, don't do a batch capture - just capture the clips one at a time.