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    Video output to monitor

      I am using Pr Pro CS4. I have a Sony HDV DVCAM deck (HVR-M25U) that is plug into my computer with firewire, then from my deck I have a JVC DT-V20l1 monitor. From my deck to my monitor I have a HDMI (deck) to DVI-D (mon.)cable and component cables. This is my problem.

      When i am working in Premiere, i have video output to my deck from the program monitor. I see my image on the screen on the deck, but no image on the monitor.

      I go into the playback settings in premiere and switch it to the deck, but nothing. When i capture my clips from tape, the tape shows on the monitor, but whatever I play in the source and program monitor in Premiere, nothing. It seems like it gets to the deck and stops.

      Please help. shooting, editing in HD, would like to use the monitor too.