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    Adobe Media Encoder 4.0.2. Update

      Hi I've got a problem with installing update for AME (number 4.0.2) when i run installation the progress bar goes forward and back several times and after view minutes i get error message that installator couldn't update software. I tried to uninstall my antivirus software and I get still error. I was trying to run this update from Adobe Updater and from a stand-alone package. Nothing works.

      Please help.
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          We have experienced the same problem with the update for AME 4.02. It started when trying export a rendered file. It indicated that it must be updated. When we attempted the update there were several files in the Production Premium CS4 package that needed to update. It starts and appears to download the updates then starts the install, several of the programs that need updates failed. Also tried the individual updates. Still not updating. Each time we try it starts all over even with the ones that appear to have updated properly. I've been wondering if the problem is in the Adobe updater program.