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    Razor slipping - how do I do this so it is very exact ?

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      Hi guys,

      I had a 5 min video which I'm adding effects to, and decided to split it up into a few pieces because it is taking too long for the computer to handle.

      I went along the timeline and used the razor tool to split the video into 3 sections. I applied my effects to each section of video.

      When I play it back, ( after I put the pieces back together in a new sequence ) I can hear that the audio is slightly not correct, not sure how to explain it, but there's almost a fraction of a piece missing, or it's not exactly in sync... just a tiny fraction of a second, but I do hear it. - basically, if you close your eyes, you can tell where the razor was made, if you listen closely.

      My question is this, - how does one razor a piece of footage so that it is the most exact ?

      Is it important to completely zoom in ( as much as possible ) before using the razor tool ?

      If I am doing this wrong, please let me know, as I would like have the correct technique.

      I should clarify, - the main timeline with footage, where I razored it, is 100% fine, I hear nothing wrong.

      However - I exported each razored piece of video, by using the work area markers. the markers jump "exactly" to the correct area it seems, however I notice that if you zoom in as much as you can, many times the in and out makers ( work area markers ) are not always exact, or don't seem to be.

      Perhaps I'm doing this all wrong.

      Take your video segement, break into 3 parts using the razor tool.
      Then manually move the in and out work area markers to each segment
      and export it with added effects, then later put them all back together on timeline in a new seqence.

      this is how I did it, - something tells me this isn't the best way of doing it.

      I appreciate your help everyone, thank you.