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      I have severe problems trying to time a video-clip with some effects because I have to render this particular part over and over again, everytime I change even a little bit of the effect.
      I am working with HD Material (1440x1080).
      Am I missing something? I also work with MAgix Video Deluxe and it seems I am faster working with that one. It also has hardware acceleration.

      My question: Has Premiere Hardware Acceleration? And if so, how do I use it?
      I have a Dual Core 6400 Pentium, Geforce 8800GT, 8GB Ram.
      And: Do I really need to render every little bit of change I do? I cannot work that way cause I need a constant working flow. Now I get a cup of coffee everytime I set it to render a specific part. And I get sick of coffee. :)