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    Timeline gives Media Pending when playback hits green rendered segments

    Douglas R Wagner
      I have the most recent update, 4.0.1, and I work with HDV material from a Sony HDV camera. Timeline is an HDV 1440 60i project.

      Rendering is a nightmare. I have found that when I add a transition, overlay clips, etc, and then hit Enter to render those portions of the timeline, on playback I will get a "Media Pending" yellow screen message when the playback reaches those segments. Once outside those, video playback returns to normal.

      Looks like a software bug regression compared to earlier versions of Premiere Pro.

      I have looked inside the Preview folder and I can see all of the rendered clips. I can even use Windows Media Player to manually play individual clips. They are available to use, and during playback, Premiere should index those and use those so you can see your renders seamlessly with unrendered video.

      Does anyone know of a workaround for this? I have spent hours searching for one and cannot find one. Outside of this forum, someone suggested turning on keyframes. I tried that approach, but that didn't fix the issue.

      I will have to call Adobe and ask for something like CS3 as a workaround for this if there is no software solution. This is what we call a "showstopper" problem.

      I need to be able to preview complicated compositions with clarity, but I have to leave them unrendered if I want to get an idea of what they look like. When desperate, I have used WMP to view rendered clips by themselves, but once you start to have a lot of rendered clips in the Preview folder, since the names are just a series of numbers/letters, it gets to be a headache and time-sink to find the clip you want.
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          You can get around this by going into your sequence settings general tab and changing the editing mode to desktop, then chaning the preview type Mictosoft AVI.

          I agree this is a bug and I have a case with Adobe about this as I write this, but frankly they're just wasting my time, dodging the issue and showing how they simply don't care about their customers at all once the money was exchanged. CS4 is the buggiest most unstable version of Premier ever.

          Just out of curiosity, what type of hardware do you use? Is it a PC or a Mac? I cannot recreate this problem on an older PC system, but it is 100% reproducible, at least for me, with Windows XP SP3 on an Intel DP35DP system and Q9450 processor.
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            Douglas R Wagner Level 1
            Thanks Joe.

            Thanks for catching this and updating both related posts.

            I'm using a PC, Pentium 4, single core processor, hyperthreaded. A 500 series Pentium. FSB 800MHz. DDR2 at 566 MHz. I'm using Windows XP, SP3. Your PC looks to be very new -- I don't think hardware has any connection to this bug. Maybe people on Macs don't see this, but for PC's, it will come and go. I haven't tried your settings yet. I've been so frustrated by Premiero Pro CS4 that I've stopped using it.

            I don't blame Adobe's R&D engineers for this. Management saw an economic slowdown coming, and obviously made the decision to do a fast release and get the revenue in. And hoped they could follow up soon enough with bug fixes to keep from losing too many customers.

            The reputation they have now gotten for themselves is now so severely damaged, I think they are too late to recover from this debacle. It will take them a good 2 or 3 future releases, maybe by CS6, before they can restore goodwill from their customer base.

            I didn't post an update, but a couple days ago, I found the problem would go away sometimes. Restarting the computer, then relaunching PrPro CS4 would sometimes get me to where the yellow "media pending" problem on rendered segments would not occur.
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              Douglas R Wagner Level 1

              I'm using HDV. I don't see a setting for Microsoft AVI. Are you sure your settings aren't just for DV?