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    Director 11 run Crash-a fatal error

      I download director 11 trial version from adobe.com.

      after install, I run director 11. of course select 30 days trial.

      but after run director 11, show director 11 logo,
      and show a MessageBox of "A fatal error has occurrend. Director will quit now.".
      Quit director 11.

      my PC is AMD X2 4000, 2G Ram, WinXP Pro SP2.
      other AMD PC happen same error. this is AMD X2 3800, 2G Ram, WinXP Pro SP2.
      but, other Intel CPU System do not happen error. this is Core 2 Duo 2Ghz. 2G Ram, WinXP Pro SP2.

      I found the cause of error.
      I delete Flash Asset Options.x32 file in xtra folder.
      run director 11. do not happen error. but show a message of
      "This application requires an xtra(Flash Movie)...". and a message of "Script error .. #getVariable".
      but director 11 run is OK.

      Do you have a solution of this error happening?

      thank you.