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    Odd CS4 Question

    pebalsamo Level 2
      Well maybe not so odd... It seems that there are quite a few CS4 questions...

      Anyway here we go. I just got Production Premium CS4 yesterday. I have been using CS3 for a while now. I have a HDV project that was started in CS3 and I installed CS4 and opened the project without any problems. It went through and re-conformed all the footage again but that was not a big deal. The wierd thing is that I cannot get my computer to recognize PPro CS4 as a program used to open my project. Let me see if I can explain it a little better. When I opened my project folder it showed the xxx.prproj file but is did not have a program associated with it, so I just opened up PPro CS4 and then selected the file and waited for everything to re-conform and then I saved the project. I thought that would have taken care of it. I looked back in the file and the xxx.prproj file still had no program associated with it. OK, so I go into properties and where is says "Opens with" I clicked on "Change" Went through my programs and found PPro CS4 and double click on it, only it does not put it in the list of programs to choose from. So I go thought it again and clik on Photoshop. It puts that in the list to choose from. Same goes for IE, or any other program that I click on but for some reason when I select PPro CS4 it does not put it in the list for me to be able to use that program to open that file.

      Skip to today (all the above was yesterday). I open PPro CS4 this morning and select the project file and it has to go thorough all the files and re-conform everything again. It was not a big deal to me yesterday because I figured it was the first time opening it in the new program so OK, but now it is annoying because there are a lot of files and it takes a while to get it all done. I still cannot seem to get my computer to associate PPro CS4 with this file for some reason...

      Any help would be greatly appreciate....


      Windows XP Pro 64 bit
      Intel Core 2 Quad CPU 2.5 GHz
      4 GB Ram
      1 TB project drive (Only project on there)


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Normally the file associations are handled during the installation process, but sometimes things do not go just right.

          Open Control Panel>Folder Options>File Types and navigate to the PRPROJ. Choose PP CS4 for that. Note: if you are on Vista, the syntax might be slightly different.

          Hope that this helps,

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            pebalsamo Level 2
            Thanks, I tried that but I still have the same problem. When I go to change the file association I navigate to Premiere Pro CS4.exe, select it and then hit open it then takes you back to the box with all the programs in it to pick from. Well in that box Premiere Pro CS4 does not show up. I can select other programs such as Photoshop and it will show up in that box, but for some reason Premiere does not...

            Very Strange...

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              pebalsamo Level 2
              Just FYI Premier Pro is in the following location.

              C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

              Did not know if that would make any difference for anything so I wanted to post it...

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                pebalsamo Level 2
                OK I got it to work... Man am I tired of messing with this thing...

                What I did was the steps above that Bill Hunt pointed out, but when I got to the pproj file type I clicked on "Advanced" then from there I went to Actions and clicked on "New" then I just browsed for PProCS4 and you have to name the action so I named it Open.

                Then I closed it down and right clicked on my project file and clicked on "Open With" then it magically allowed me to pick Premiere as the associated program. Everything is working just fine now...

                Hopefully if anyone else has this problem this will help you out...

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  I always open the program first, and then the file.