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    7 second delay

    schlossd Level 1
      When in CS4 on Mac with a 59 min HD time line I find that each time I trim, move or do anything to a clip I get the twirly standby icon (MAC)like the hour glass in Windows. I looked at Journaling on the hard drives but it is not on. It appears that every keystroke is being recorded or looked at by the system. Any thoughts? At this rate I will have this project done for my great great grandkids...but at least they will have CS255!
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          schlossd Level 1

          Update:  Still does it even with a new raid hard drive system and Kona card.  CS4 has some issues.  Looks like it has a hard time with a segment over an hour.  Answering my own posts is getting kind of old.  But at least I don't tell myself they are dumb questions.

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            Matt Petersen Level 3

            what's your footage, and what's the project settings you have in play?


            are you saying there's no difficulty editing the same footage that's less than an hour? how does your system behave with SD footage?