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    Cropping Video

      I recorded a video off of the internet using a program that records everything on your screen. I am now trying to crop it in Premiere but I can not get it to appear in the timeline or use any of the tools, but I believe that is only because there is no timeline. I thought I would be able to use an .avi but had to change it to a .wmv file in order to see it in premiere. Any one know how I can get the crop tool to work?
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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I have had no success getting the camtasia/camstudio primary codec to appear in PPro (CS3 for me). If that is your problem, I'll be interested to see if someone comes up with an option.

          The "workaround" is to use a different codec for the capture. also, if your material allows it, set your size before you capture, so you don't have to crop.

          I, of course, have no idea what you mean by "there is no timeline."
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            don solomon Level 1
            I believe you can save a Camtasia capture from the editor as an AVI at 720x480. I have no difficulty importing them after doing that.
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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              don, what codec are you using?
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                don solomon Level 1

                When you capture off the internet with Camtasia Recorder, then choose 'produce' after you have stopped the recorder, it will allow you to transform the capture to any number of formats.

                I have made a custom preset saved in that dialogue called 30 avi, set to 720 by 480.

                I presume it uses the system .avi codec. At any rate, it is recognized by all the software that will use avi formats on my computer, including CS4.

                Hope that helps.