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    Fast-Forward/Skippy Playback for long clips imported to PP

      Hello all.

      Normally, I try to avoid help forums, and figure out problems myself, however, this time, I cannot for the life of me understand what is going on. To give you the whole story:

      I'm putting together a video for my church. In this video, are clips of short interviews with church members (roughly 15 sec - 1 min long) with 4 2-hour long videos time-lapsed at 7000% each. The videos were shot using a JVC HDD camera, and I had to convert the videos to .AVI from .MOV so PP could use them. After converting all of the files, I checked each one using WMP to make sure it still looked good and wasn't squished or anything. Then, I started by importing the short interviews into PP.

      Those came in fine. I was able to take each one, edit it the way I wanted it, and line it up on the timeline with the others. My problems started however with my first 2-hour time-lapse video.

      I noticed that before dropping it on the timeline, playback in the 1st monitor was choppy, "fast-forwarded", but the audio was fine. I dropped it into the timeline, and went ahead and unlinked the video and audio to get rid of the audio, but the video itself was still choppy. In fact, the video would only take about 2 minutes to "finish" playing even though it was only 2 minutes into the 2 hour-long clip, and I could see that on the timeline. Since I didn't require editing on these time-lapse clips, and I was just dropping them next to each other, I went ahead and changed the speed to 7000%, and proceeded to do the same for the next 3 long clips. I figured rendering would clear up the problems, but seeing it was going to take 12 or so hours to render, I decided I better try here before I wasted 12 hours only to not have a usable video.

      Again, the time-lapse videos do not require editing...I merely need them to play at 7000% speed. However, now, I am having a problem with another clip. This clip is roughly 13 minutes long, and it is giving me the same problems as the 2-hour clips. The video fast-forwards, then freezes, then skips, and the audio is just fine in the background.

      I am running Windows Vista 64-bit, a Dual-core processor, 4GBs of RAM, and an NVIDIA 8800gt Superclocked Edition graphics card. Besides the processor being lack-luster, I feel as though my computer is adequate enough to handle what I am doing...so it must be a problem with...well, what -I- am trying to do.

      Any and all help is greatly appreciated!