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    Slideshow Subtitles

    Alan Craven Level 4
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          Alan Craven Level 4
          It is easy enough to create subtitles in the project, but how do you get them to display in the finished DVD?

          If you preview the project, the subtitle on/off toggle is always set to off. You can turn it on and the preview works fine; but if you close the preview, then open it again, once again the subtitles are toggled off.

          If you build a project image or folder, the slideshows play, but there are no subtitles.

          In Encore CS2 there was a setting to select subtitle language that had to be made to get them to display, but I cannot find it in CS4.
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            Alan Craven Level 4

            The setting is there, but not as I remembered it from Encore CS2.

            You need the Disc Properties panel to be displayed (at the top R of the monitor display). Change the "Set subtitles" entry from "No change" to "1"