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    Premiere CS 4 crashes right after Start

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      Hi,<br /><br />I unfortunately have a serious problem with Premiere CS4. From one day to another it crashes right after starting, or to be more precise, right after opening a sequence - no matter whether its empty or full, if the project is new or old.<br />I installed all updates, I reinstalled Premiere CS4, I didn't install any update - no change!<br /><br />Any suggestions?<br /><br />It quits and I get the following crash report:<br /><br /><?xml version="1.0"?><br /><!DOCTYPE crashreport SYSTEM "AdobeCrashReporter.dtd"><br /><crashreport version="1.1" crVersion="3.0.20080806" applicationName="Adobe Premiere Pro CS4" applicationVersion="4. 0. 0. 0" build="unknown"><br /><time year="2009" month="3" day="8" hour="14" minute="5" second="47"/><br /><user guid="aa0e2a96-69df-4b23-9f7a-8f3f9e4856e2"/><br /><system platform="windows" osversion="6.0.6001 SP 1.0" applicationlanguage="Sprachneutral" userlanguage="de_DE" oslanguage="de_DE" ram="3006" machine="Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6400  @ 2.13GHz" model="x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6" cpuCount="2" cpuFreq="2135 MHz" busFreq="" locale="Deutsch (Deutschland)"/><br /><crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x1ece0e83"><br /><backtrace crashedThread="0"><br /><thread index="0"><br /><stackStatement index="0" address="0x1ece0e83" symbolname="AIF::OGL::Context::makeCurrent"/><br /><stackStatement index="1" address="0x2ce9fa10" symbolname="unknown"/><br /></thread><br /></backtrace><br /><registerSet><br /><register name="EAX" value="0x0b631268"/><br /><register name="EBX" value="0x00000000"/><br /><register name="ECX" value="0x00000000"/><br /><register name="EDX" value="0x14f3db50"/><br /><register name="ESI" value="0x00000000"/><br /><register name="EDI" value="0x2ce9f930"/><br /><register name="ESP" value="0x20e6faa4"/><br /><register name="EBP" value="0x2ce90f40"/><br /><register name="EIP" value="0x2ce9fa10"/><br /><register name="EFL" value="0x00010202"/><br /></registerSet><br /><binaryImageSet><br />...<br />...