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    Old DV .avi projects exported from Premiere 6.5, hang in CS4.

    Mark Ribbands

      Im new to CS3. I finished some Mini-DV PAL 4:3 projects ages ago using Premiere 6.5, exporting the finished timeline directly from 6.5 as .avi files. I would have used whatever the default export CODEC in 6.5 was.

      My Premiere 6.5, the machine used, and the project files have long gone.

      When I play these .avis in Window media player, Nero, Media centre, etc they are fine.

      But when imported into a CS4 project they behave strangely. The timeline progresses normally, the timecod advances, the audio plays, but the video hangs and stutters, sometimes as a frame hold, sometimes skipping, sometimes producing green video noise. This appears to occur mainly where there are titles and opacity changes.

      All I want to do is add a few beginning and end transitions and some chapter points, send to Encore, then burn to DVD.

      Im sure I have set the correct project parameters: DV PAL, SD, 720x576i.

      Raw capture files of the same vintage play fine.

      My machine is fast enough: 2.4GHz Quad core, Win XP SP3, 3.25GB RAM (out of 4GB). It runs AVCHD from my current camera faultlessly.

      If anyone knows what is going on here it would be greatly appreciated!!

      Below are the properties of one of the files, directly from CS4:

      File Path: G:\Video\Sweden.avi
      Type: AVI Movie
      File Size: 3.7 GB
      Image Size: 720 x 576
      Pixel Depth: 32
      Frame Rate: 25.00
      Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo
      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
      Total Duration: 00:17:37:08
      Average Data Rate: 3.6 MB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.094

      AVI File details:
      Contains 1 video track(s) and 1 audio track(s).
      Interleave: 1 : 12.00

      Video track 1:
      Size is 3.54G bytes (average frame = 148.12K bytes)
      There are 26433 keyframes.
      Frame rate is 25.00 fps
      Frame size is 720 x 576
      Depth is 24 bits.

      Audio track 1:
      Size is 193.60M bytes
      Rate is 48000 samples/sec
      Sample size is 16 bits