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    Best quality export/compressing


      i'm really struggling with premiere's export settings and then later compressing a video with virtual dub. just can't get the quality/file size into reasonable ratio :(

      any suggestions what settings should i use on the premiere CS4 export media page?

      i've got loads of versions of the same output file and all of them has somekind of downside. 1 is like too square, the other one has too bad quality etc...

      what settings should i use?
      NB! i haven't got the Huffyuv or Lagarith lossless codec in my codecs list - maybe that's the problem when i'm using the Microsoft avi export page?
      how can i add them to the list??? i've got the huffyuv installed with k-lite mega codec pack...

      i'm using this tutorial in VirtualDub(+audio processing-> 192kbps CBR):

      i've tried even this program:
      and thisone makes the video area too small :( quality isn't very good either...

      PS: my file is 13minutes long. 250MB should be ok for that length? (to put up a download on a website).

      FLV output file seems quite ok in quality wise, but what settings should i really use for that format? i think something got messed up with that aswell...

      my source is 720x576 25fps raw footage. 2 tapes. 1 is 10GB, the other one is 12,x

      here's an example of mpeg2 export:
      972MB ????

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          and here's the freakin square that i can't figure out... :S :( :

          it must be wide like this:

          and here's the 'small video area' issue:

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            >i haven't got the Huffyuv or Lagarith lossless codec in my codecs list

            I like Lagarith myself. Just install the codec for it to show up in AME's list of options.

            >with k-lite mega codec pack...

            Maybe take that out first, though. It has caused many issues in the past.

            >my file is 13minutes long. 250MB should be ok for that length?

            You can get it much smaller with an H.264 output, and it looks pretty good, too.
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              i think i got the hang of it now. atleast the ratio thing.
              took the k-lite codec pack off aswell - it ruined the h.264 before, but now i can see that it really has better quality... it won't show up in virtualdub though :( have to use it only through AME, which sucks a little..

              btw, is there a list of x64 system codecs that i would have to have on my pc?