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    Source and Preview Monitors are Jittery

      I've been getting some really bad screen flicker in my preview and source monitors in Premiere CS4. It feels like a frame rate or frame conversion issue, since it seems to flicker between frames (kind of back and forth, like it can't decide which frame it should be on). This has never been an issue for me before, either with CS3, or the project I just finished with in CS4.

      All the footage is HVX200 MXF files shot at 720p (anamorphic) and 23.976 fps. The project settings match the footage exactly (CS4 has a default profile for this footage). This was not a problem a week ago with another project I was working on that had all the same settings and was shot with the exact same camera at the exact same settings (as far as I know).

      When I export, the problem no longer exists and the footage looks amazing, but for some reason just the in-software monitors are causing it.

      I am running Windows XP SP3, with an ATI Radeon 4830 graphics card.