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    Best Overall Pr Settings For Mixed Footage Files

      Hi guys! I've got some mixed footage AVI & MTS. It's originally from 2 different vid cams, digital 1080/30 & Hi 8mm analog converted to AVI. The MTS is close-ups of a live band, and the wides are on the analog.

      Any suggestions on Pr settings for editing these so they are somewhere in between? I'd like to convert or encode the 8mm up as far as I can without issues or, doing it for no benefit. And, also get the MTS down somewhere without losing too much quality, but looking close enough to the AVI without startling people.

      I know this will require a little experimenting, and some effects (I do have MC CS4). But I thought I could benefit from some of your experience and knowledge on this subject. Thanks for looking, Ron

      P.S. I do have the original 8 mm tape. And the shots were low to medium light,