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    Need to recreate two efx here

    mentlity Level 1
      If you go to the url below after the signature and preloader you will see photos changing. There is a button on the bottom left. When pressed it changes the background color and the text. I tried to figure this out using a movie clip but I cannot find how to change the background so I'm thinking there is a layer that actually changes. Now the text part is really tricky and I need to recreate these two parts.

      After messing around a little I see this can probably be done with "add event" by drawing a black rectangle the size of the stage and the button release will make the black rectangle show on stage

      Two questions here, how can I do this to make the button control the background and the text color change like in the url?

      I'm sure this can be done in AS2


      any help?
      URL is here