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    Transcribe speech to text for FLV captioning


      I'm new to this product and would like to know if you can use the Transcribe feature to add caption cue points and text to an flv file?

      Thanks for your advice.

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          This is currently not possible in Pr CS4. However, this sounds interesting.Can you please explain further what is the intended workflow here?
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            Thanks for the reply.

            I'm creating a lot of short clips for a project for which I am going to be adding subtitles for the hearing impaired.

            As I understand it, Flash can use cue points/events and associated subtitles from an external XML file:


            It looks like Premiere/Soundbooth create a similar file when using the Transcribe feature but it seems very different to the format that Flash requires.

            It would be very handy to be able to use Premiere to mark the cue points, attempt the speech to text, manually edit the subtitles where required and then export an xml file containing the cue points and subtitles with the FLV for use in Flash.

            I'm really surprised this isn't integrated? - seems like a logical workflow: 

            1) capture/edit videos in Premiere CS4
            2) use the Transcribe feature to add subtitles with cue points
            3) use Flash CS4 or Dreamweaver CS4 to publish accessible online video

            I found the file that Soundbooth created when using the Transcribe feature.  Below is an excerpt:

                                       Speaker Unknown

                                       Speaker Unknown

                                       Speaker Unknown

                                       Speaker Unknown


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              Thanks for explaining this.Currently in Pr CS4, the transcribe feature will not automatically create cuepoints with the subtitle text.This could be a great feature request.For now, you could do this manually as follows :
              1. On the Premiere sequence, add markers at the specific timecode by clicking on the Set Unnumbered Marker button.
              2. Double-click on the marker to launch Marker dialog.
              3. Type a name in the Name field - this would be your cue point name.
              4. Enable the Flash Cue Point check-box and select the cue point type.
              5. Specify the Paramater Name and Value pairs.
              From the article at http://www.digital-web.com/articles/captions_flash_video_2/, this means that your parameter name would be "text" and the value would be the caption text.
              6. Now, if you export this to FLV then the output file would have the required cuepoints information in it.

              You could also do this from within AME Export Settings window.
              Hope this is of some help.
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                Thanks for the suggestion.

                This does work ok - but it would be great if you could use the Transcribe data to add the unnumbered markers or use the file created by this feature to add the markers to the Media Encoder. It seems to pick up the timing quite well even if the translation is not quite perfect.

                Also not sure if this is a bug or just me doing something wrong...

                But when I encode the video as an F4V file i get no captions but using the same Flash CS4 document and stage components, an FLV file works perfectly.

                Anyway, I have posted a question on Kirupa's forum so will see if I get an answer.

                Thans again for your help.