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    Best place for scratch files, imported video on laptop with single drive

      Hi all,

      I read that is was best to put the scratch files on a disk other than that the program resides on, so I did. That makes sense.

      But later, when I was reading about people's problems with CS4 crashing, I read I'm not meant to be using USB drives .... so, my question is:

      On a laptop with a single hard disk and a USB external drive, where is the best place? Do the performance problems with scratch files on a single disk trump those of using USB or vice versa.

      Perhaps its something I'll have to try myself but wondering about other people's experience.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          I'm with Harm on the eSATA. I will say that FW-800 works for me, but as more of my externals offer eSATA now, I'll probably migrate to that connection very soon. Even with 3x 200GB 7200RPM SATA II HDD's on my laptop, I do a lot of work with externals, 'cause I migrate the Projects to my workstation. Just remember to set a unique drive letter for the external(s) in the OS of all computers, or you WILL have issues. An eSATA card is cheap, though your externals need to have the connection. Externals are also cheaper now. I'm paying the same for 2TB units, that I paid for 250GB ones, when they first came out! For what I paid for a 1.5TB RAID NAS, I could now get 16TB in a hot-swappable enclosure.

          As for USB's, I tried that years ago, and gave up in frustration. The connection was just too slow, and often timed out, or worse. I'd not do that again, on a bet - sorry, but I am too impatient and then there were the crashes...