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    Importing older projects

      Never mind the hype, I have been unable to import some projects created on Premiere 6, CS4 crashes with an "unknown problem" where I have been able to import CS4 crashes when I try and read the sequence information.

      As for anything older such as premiere 5, CS4 insists that the files are corrupt.

      Since ppj files are editable in a text editor, is there any way, any utility anything that could strip out what CS4 does not like in order to import these older projects?

      Whilst there is much in CS4 I like, there is much I do not, and not everything is an improvement. Some filters and effects have been lost and the ability to import Mpegs with AC3 sound has disappeared completely.

      Some of my original projects were saved on a system using a Matrox card, which had the oddity of importing DV as separate AVI and Wav files, could that be part of the problem?