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    How to change Opacity Blending on multiple clips...??

    fuaho Level 1
      First the problem:

      Whenever I open a Premiere v6.5 project, CS4 does a "conversion."

      Maddeningly, during this process, it changes the Opacity\Blending Mode of every single clip in the project to "Color" instead of leaving it at "Normal."

      Since I am working with Stereo (3D) footage with a different camera on V2 & V1, I always have at least two, and often many more, video tracks (for titles, etc).

      This means I have to go through every single clip on every single video track and reset it to Normal before I can proceed with the project! This can be upwards of 500 clips.


      1) Does anyone have any idea why this is happening & how to prevent it?


      2) Is there a way to change this setting in all the clips at the same time?

      Whenever I select multiple clips, no Effect Settings (or whatever Shift 5 is called) appear. Only there for single clips.