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    New Topics and Folders not visible in .chm file

      Quick summary - New folders and topics are not being included in the complied .chm file.
      Background - We began this project in RoboHelp 5. Have since upgraded to 7. File was originally in the WebHelp format, even after upgrade to 7. Last week used File | Project settigns to change Primary layout to HTML help. Original complied .chm file was perfect. However since then, newly added folders and topics are not being created in the .chm file. I've tried moving the .chm file out of default folder to let it create an entirely new file, no change. I am creating this .chm through File | Batch Generate.

      Additional background - I am a new RoboHelp user, no past experience in this type of software. Not a developer either, so any advice, I'd appreciate it "dumbed down" for me. I'm having a lot of trouble with terminology and figuring out how to look for help for this. Thanks!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Amanda

          You may wish to consider some RoboHelp training. I offer such training at attractive rates. If you are interested, follow the link in my sig line.

          As for your CHM issues, are you certain you are looking at the "latest and greatest" version of the .CHM? Sometimes folks manage to get several versions created and moved around and discover they aren't really seeing the version they thought they were.

          Cheers... Rick