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    Returning audio to associated clip on timeline

      I have some video-only clips on my timeline and decided I now want the audio from the source clip to be on the timeline as well. Is there a way to bring back that audio without having to go back to my source clip, mark the same in/out points, and put the clip back on the timeline?

      This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, but my main reason for asking is because I tried the Final Cut import feature. If I'm remembering this correctly, Final Cut clips have two associated audio files (mono left channel panned left, mono right channel panned right). In Premiere, you just have the one stereo clip.

      Anyway, what I'd like to do is delete all the FCP-style audio from my imported timeline and replace it with the Premiere-style. Putting new clips on the timeline from my source clips does it the traditional Premiere way.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          Manually is the only way I can think of. It'll be easier not to do it if it's only for aesthetic reasons.
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            shooternz Level 6
            Re map your clips to what you want. eg Mono as stereo.

            Unlink the audio clips (shortcut key ALT-Click) and delete them.

            Dble Click on the clip and "replace" it from the source monitor. You wont need to reset the In and Out points.
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              It's more than aesthetic (though, that's nice), there are two issues. 1) The audio was linked together in FCP. If I changed the audio on one of the associated audio clips it adjusted it on the next. They aren't still linked in Premiere. Is there a way to do this? It would make audio tweaking much easier (it's a big project). 2) Instead of bringing in a mono file for each channel, it turns out it brought in two mono files for just the Left channel. Anything I had in the Right channel is not on my timeline. This might be related to having the audio files linked in FCP.


              I had trouble getting this to work for a quick test in CS3. It wouldn't let me bring down audio. I'll try it in CS4 this weekend.

              There's no way to right-click a video-only clip to return audio? Seems like that would be helpful.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                To your question about doing an assembly of Audio files in the Timeline, the answer is no - at least not directly. Would be nice and maybe some sort of Feature Request would be in order.

                Two ways around this, sorta', would be to do the Audio work, before the Clip was cut. Obviously a large file into Audition. The second way is to Export Audio as one file, work on that, bring it into the Timeline and either Mute, or Delete the multiple Audio Clips from AT 1, or where ever.

                As I usually do Audio last, the first way isn't great in my workflow, but I have done it, and then come back to tweak individual Audio Clips, when I mix the Audio and add Soundtrack. Number two is an additional Export/Import/Export, so is not perfect either.

                Within PrP, one might get some benefit from Nesting, but I use Audition for all but the tiniest Audio corrections. PrP has some good Effects for Audio, just nothing like SoundBooth, or Audition. Depending on what one is doing, though, it might work. You can apply Audio Effects to a Nested Sequence, can't you? [Obviously, I have never tried it... ]