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    Backfill Question?

    harrismail Level 1
      Does anyone know the easiest way to just mark the "out" (no in point selected) on a frame in a source clip and have it insert into the timeline (selected in and out point) so the last chosen frame is at the end of the inserted clip?

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          shooternz Level 6
          That is called a "Three point Edit".

          Just do as you have said.

          Mark an Out point in the Source Clip and Mark the IN and Out Point in the Timeline.

          Must admit I have not tried it in CS4 Premiere because the new track and source targetting may come into play. (and complicate it).

          Works perfectly simply in CS2 and CS3.
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            harrismail Level 1
            Thanks for your advice - works a charm! (One of those classic cases where I wasn't at the machine when I posted the question and hadn't actually tried the obvious!!)