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    Where does  Premiere CS4 put the render files

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      I moved the project with footage and all to a different drive and tried to open it and some of the render files were missing. It prompted me to go to the PRV folder and load a couple of the render files but not all of them. And I had some extensive rendering done, since I upsized the frame by 2% and rotated it by a degree or so. Anybody knows where the original render files are?
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          Yea, CS4 could use an alias capability, since this situation happens so often.

          The files are probably in the directory pointed to by Project > Project Settings > Scratch Disks, unless you changed that since moving the files. If you changed it, then you'll have to use Windows Explorer or, when the window comes up asking for where they are, search on the file name in the window title bar. Once it finds one of them, it'll find all the others in the same directory.

          Hope this helps