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      Am having some major issues with CS4 premiere at the moment:

      It started a few days ago when now and again id notice that if i pressed spacebar to play the timeline it wouldnt work [yet it would play in source monitor]

      Tonight its just stopped all together despite rebooting the pc twice, opening up a new project and copying the old sequence to the new sequence.

      Now media encoder will not export, first two times i kept getting a error message such as 'could not read memory', third time it crashed the whole pc [with a brief bsod!] then when the pc rebooted i got a microsoft message saying the system had recovered from a serious error.

      I tried exporting to tape and it wouldnt do it, no crash or freeze, just nothing.

      The project itself is 15 minutes long with quite a few sound/video channels on the timeline [and SD]. I tried opening up a more recent [3 minute] project and all is fine, which makes me think its the memory in my computer, which is annoying because the computer is only 4 months old.

      my computer spec [ive just copied and paste this from my order to the computer guy] is:

      2 Dell S2309W 23" Widescreen TFT
      Intel Q8200 Quad Core CPU & Fan
      Lian Li PC60A Plus Case
      Samsung 1Tb Spinpoint HDD SATA
      OCZ 1066 DDR2 Memory 2x 2Gb Kit
      MS XP Home
      Asus P5 Motherboard (Only PCI-e no AGP)
      ATI Radeon HD 4650 512Mb
      1394 Firewire

      Ive never had problems like this before with cs3 and back then i was editing projects nearly three hours in lentgh with a lower spec pc.

      please help - i have a deadline for the project in question coming up on tuesday and frankly im crapping myself.

      thanks for any advice