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    AVI Audio (PCM) poblem with Adobe CS3 and CS4 Need Help! PLEASE!!!

      Basically I am doing basic work with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (problem has now occurred with CS4) and was working well for months with video files ripped with FRAPS, so files that use PCM audio. All of a sudden some day last week the exact same types of video files when imported now just show the video and no audio. No wave lines nothing, just silence even though the files do have the audio present when opening with any media platyr. The files are ripped with FRAPS and the audio files are PCM, How can I get Premiere Pro CS3 to work like it use to without converting the file or data to another format, it worked pefrectly for me since September untill last week and am hoping someone knows how to fix this problem or if it has happened to them, what to do? I really want this program to work as it is a godsend for my own projects! I hope someone knows a solution!!
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          When something works one day, but not the next, then something has changed. Could be as simple as a MS update (many do not change from the automatic default), which could render a driver obsolete. It could be that the method of Exporting Assets has been set to something else, accidently.

          The mission is to try and find out what has changed. One can check dates of messages in the Event Viewer, Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs (make sure to check "Show Microsoft Updates," or similar), or do a Restore Point for NOW, and then roll back to when things worked - test that.

          If you cannot find something, that looks promising, then maybe posting all of the info on your Project and system (pretending that this never worked) would help someone spot something amiss.

          Good luck,